an open heart on display

Day 6

I am a pupil of this cage
Barely got my footing
My mind still not my own
psychological fumes spread through the body
Grand elation quickly followed
With utter confusion
I may win in the end
But today is lost

Day 2

To feel is to die
My life
If led by this notion
Has been suicide


They way we fell into my bed
then into each other’s arms
the hunger in your eyes as you devoured my image
you asked me to hold you
you lit your cigarette on the end of mine
and we fucked on the neighbor’s lawn

First loves die as we grow
the people we were wilt
but somewhere spread amongst the…

The Pharcyde - Passin' Me By

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my soul’s new home

sitting in unfamiliar pews

sewn by hand in awkward queues

 i sat with assumed views 

guesses and judgments

then the “mic, one, two” was done

and the vibe was set

full house of cultures rested a subtle beat in my chest

i heard quiet simple voices roar louder than lions

powerful words thrown harder than David’s sling

with each syllable my stance shook

slowly more ease fell into me

sharing glaces and moments

with a new family that didn’t need names or rank

only a simple word or a common goal

a broken few to become a whole



I was gaping the entire song this is insane

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earthly beings with ethereal dreams

Why can’t your mind be filled with possibilities?
Who told you options are a lie?
Fate and free will are not opposing philosophies
I alone cannot pull you out of the mud you dragged yourself through
But for now
I’ll ignore my demons
And help you expel yours
I only hope the favor to be returned

Ramblings at night

Way more transparent than I thought
I play the clown too well
So laughter is a fitting end to most things
The pain rolls away right?