an open heart on display

Blood never seemed that thick
Not seeing your face
Not knowing your name
Asking to watch a stranger
Whose interest in me as a toddler
Was more than you have ever had

I called you by name given
Finding out that’s what friends called you made me cry
Thinking of us as friends made me laugh
Learning your real name never came from you
I heard it from my grandfather’s grave in whispers

Your personal redemption is at fault
Twisted shadows tugging at the heels
Of your true face
Once a man of forgiveness
Now a slave to regret and shame
Peerless darkness and unresolved notions of greatness
These thoughts and feelings cannot be cheated by death
Generations take on the specters of their past
A legacy of doom

thoughts from a sociopath

i never live for today

a present has never been exciting

the present has never been exciting

the past is always seen in the present 

so it’s safe to say it’s the same as the future

in my eyes

I live in constant anticipation

throwing positive thoughts

and hopeful wishes into the universe

that hey might find there way into tomorrow

naive dreams if a hopeless romantic i guess

living a decade too late to scrape up dignity and kindness

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You were never the right one for me
We wanted the same thing
But you couldn’t admit it
My heart can only stay in your hand for so long
Before it either dies
Or gets suffocated next to yours

You never need to follow the words of others but you should always listen

The moment you think yourself better than another
You will stumble on the fact that you are not
This world will not coddle you as a loving mother
If you treat it as a door mat
But whatever you lose in live
Whether it be money, love, or time
Learn, get better
Stand up and share your life with others
Those that listen will only move forward


Fuck the way that you don’t even know how much you make me want you

Damn or faults

I know why you push me away
I know that sentence scares you
Everything you are is hidden by who you are supposed to be
It pains me to see your internal struggle slowly suffocate you
More so that my help only hurts you more
As you
Push me

Because I know why

“What the fox says has nothing on what it sounds like when doves cry.”

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